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unofficial fan page

鬼 佬
The Ghost Kings
A pro-a-gressive, hyper-intensive, pick'n and a grin'n, energized, countrified, Rock-a-Billy & Blues band.

We Rock & Rule!

Another great band by Marc Biedermann
Cover art by YC Chiang, OMD

"That 鬼 佬 gwailo, fool, Elvis has singlehandedly done more to destroy
classical Chinese culture than has even Chairman Mao Tse-Tung,
and his entire Commie-pinko, Red Guard!"

Marc Biedermann was laying down a monstrous track for an as of yet, un-released, Blind Illusion album, recorded and
mastered at Hyde Street where manager of Blue Öyster Cult, Sandy Pearlman, overheard. Pearlman on the spot,
went over, introduced himself, and invited Biedermann to be in the Guitar Orchestra of Imaginos.

"In high school, I met Kirk Hammett.
He was a burnout dude with thick, Coke-bottle glasses..."

"Then I met this guy, Marc Biedermann ,
who was the hottest guitar player around..."

-- Les Claypool , Primus

Rancho Liquors, El Sobrante, California
This place is still the old, wild, wild, West. Not only because of the good old boys who all hang out here,
but the wall has vintage Western murals, and the natural oak back bar is even carved with images expertly
created by Western saddle tooling technique. Up here in the hills, bordering between the edge of civilization,
(if you can actually refer to Richmond as civilized) and the rolling hills of Wildcat Canyon, you kind of get the
feeling that almost anything goes. Especially when The Ghost Kings play.
At this high altitude, the air is a bit thinner, and the temperature can get a bit chilly, same as the desert at night.
Just don't go starting any campfires out in the parking lot, okay?

Mean Deviation

All the great ghost kings from the Saha and other worlds came and gathered together.
They were the Ghost King Evil Eyes, the Ghost King Blood Drinker, the Ghost King Essence
and Energy Eater, the Ghost King Fetus and Egg Eater, the Ghost King Spreader of Sickness,
the Ghost King Collector of Poisons, the Ghost King Kindhearted, the Ghost King Blessings
and Benefits, the Ghost King Great Regard and Respect, and others such as gods' gift to Country:

The Ghost King Lord of the Strings

Marc Biedermann

In a battle of the bands at the Hotel Utah, with most the entire audience made up of contestant musicians,
The Ghost Kings were the only act to receive an encore demanding, standing ovation.
The Ghost Kings were most happy to oblige.

E-mail: Marc Biedermann

The Ghost Kings' latest music CD, 'Buddhaguitarma', out soon on i-Tunes!