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鬼 佬
The Ghost Kings

Lords of the Strings - God's gift to Country
We Rock & Rule!


Marc Biedermann
(Image by, Tom Gears)

(Saddle tooled backbar at Rancho Liquors, el Sobrante, California)

...They were The Ghost Kings Evil Eyes, the Ghost King Blood Drinker, the Ghost King Essence and Energy Eater, the Ghost King Fetus
and Egg Eater, the Ghost King Spreader of Sickness, the Ghost King Collector of Poisons, the Ghost King Kindhearted,
the Ghost King Blessings and Benefits, the Ghost King Great Regard and Respect, The Ghost King Lord of the Strings, and others ...

Marc Biedermann at, Headbangers Open Air Festival, Netherlands, 2017,
autographs vintage BLind iLLusion album covers of, The Sane Asylum,
which have sold for more than a thousand dollars per used copy, on Ebay.