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When you travel to the green hills of Ayr

Where the sea breaks windows on the border line.

Remember me to a girl who lives there,

For she once was a true love of mine.

Please see for me that her red hair is long,

And flows and curls down her back and breast.

Please see for me that her red hair is long,

For that's the way I remember her the best.

See that she's warm when the summer ends

When the trees are bare and the rivers freeze

She washes clothes where the river bends

She's working on her knees.

See for me that her coat's pulled up close,

And her beret frames her sweet pretty face.

See that she's warm and drink her a toast

For I am exiled in a lonely place.

Please let me know if she remembers me at all,

A hundred times I've hoped and prayed

That way up there near the Roman wall

She didn't suffer when the fall-out sprayed.

North Country girl.